Sechelt: Pink Salmon, Pink Skies

Small town, big time scenery. Sechelt is a laidback getaway, surrounded by mountains and water with views that inspire the many local artists. A great place to fish with kids, especially for Pink Salmon which pass by close to shore, and are also raised at nearby Chapman Hatchery.

Float – and fish – alongside long log booms as they snake their way slowly down the Harrison River, near where it meets the mighty Fraser. Enjoy a great day on the water or casting from shore, surrounded by low mountains and plentiful Cutthroat Trout eager to take a fly or lure as they push up the river during fall and winter.

Think Pink. The Eve River Estuary, lying north of Campbell River on the way to Port Hardy, is becoming a well-known spot tofish for Pink Salmon from shore and estuary. A little challenging to find but worth it.  If your timing is right it’s a very productive and scenic fishery.  A worthwhile little side-trip for experienced anglers.

Wave hello to our American friends! Bisected by the Canada-US border, Boundary Bay is a great place to drop crab traps in the morning then head out to fish for Sockeye all day long. Every year, millions of Sockeye return home to the Fraser River and for a short time in the summer they can be caught congregating here in large schools as they return from the ocean and prepare for the long trip upriver to their spawning grounds.

Perfect beaches, perfect fishing. This large stretch of island coast along the eastern side of Vancouver Island features beaches that go out up to a quarter mile at low tide, making it an excellent place to play with kids and go clamming and oyster picking. The weather is relatively mild here, and the area also features many runs of Pink and Coho Salmon that you can catch right from shore.

Get your hands dirty. Enjoy sightseeing, beachcombing and easy clamming on pretty, sheltered beaches less than an hour from Nanaimo. Easy access to the area and plentiful clams make this a trip suitable for the whole family, including younger children. Plastic shovels and pails optional!

Roll up your sleeves. And your pant legs. The waters between Victoria and Port Renfrew, along the southern coast of Vancouver Island, are perfect for sightseeing, pleasure boating and crabbing. So put down the fishing rod, and drop a Crab trap or two instead. After a few hours of sightseeing and wildlife viewing, your traps should be filled to the brim with the area’s tasty Dungeness Crabs.

Surrounded by mountains. Surrounded by Salmon. Experience calm waters and exciting fishing, in view of some of the world’s most beautiful scenery. Port Alberni is in a direct path of many Salmon as they return to their spawning rivers, and catching more than a dozen in a day is a common occurrence. Fish for Chinook, Sockeye and Coho while your Prawn traps soak and await your return.

Roll up your sleeves. And your pant legs. Between Campbell River to the north and Nanaimo to the south are numerous small streams and beaches where observant anglers can cast a line from shore or rowboat and have an excellent chance of landing a Coho or Pink. And with all of the local farms and markets in the area to help plan side dishes, a fantastic meal awaits!

Gone Fishin. Fish for an hour, or for the whole day. Stay close to the city, and cast from the shore right within the Georgia Strait Basin, as Pink Salmon make their return to our local rivers on their way to their spawning grounds. Eating voraciously in preparation for spawning, Pinks will readily take a wide variety of flies and lures.

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