Butter Clam

Butter Clams are perhaps the most common clam found along the B.C. coast, and are considered by many to be the best clams for chowder.

Native Littleneck Clam

Often found alongside Butter Clams, Littlenecks are unique among saltwater clams by occasionally forming pearls.

Manila Clam

Accidentally introduced to British Columbia from Japan in the 1930’s, Manilas are now very common on B.C. beaches and are popular with both professional chefs and vacationing children wielding colourful, plastic shovels.

Razor Clam

Named because it looks like a folded, antique straight razor, the Razor Clam was once used mainly as bait but is now also prized as food.

Varnish Clam

Considered an invasive species, the Varnish Clam was accidentally introduced to B.C. waters in the 1980’s and has since spread out to become very well established along the West Coast.


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