Also known as King or Spring Salmon, Chinook are the largest, rarest and most highly sought-after salmon in B.C. by both anglers and high-end restaurants.


Also known as Dog Salmon, Chum is the second largest species of Pacific Salmon and is plentiful in B.C. waters.


Also known as the Blueback or Silver, Coho Salmon come in all sizes and range widely in weight up to 30 lbs.

Pink Salmon

Also known as Humpy due to the prominent humps they develop on their backs during spawning, Pink are the smallest and most common salmon on the B.C. coast.


Also known as Red, this relatively small fish plays a big role in B.C.’s economy and ecosystem.


The debate continues over whether Steelhead are a species of Salmon or Trout. Regardless of the debate, fly fishing for them is considered one of sport fishing’s greatest challenges.


Although they can be found in B.C.’s waters, Atlantic Salmon are NOT a native species and should be reported to authorities if encountered.


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