Beach and Shore Fishing

Beach and Shore Fishing

With more than 25,000 kilometres of coastline – nearly 16,000 miles – British Columbia offers endless opportunities to simply walk up to the shore and drop a fishing line. Beach and shore fishing can mean float fishing, bottom fishing, fishing from piers and cliffs and riverbanks or fishing into the surf. It’s possibly the easiest and most relaxing way to begin fishing in B.C.
Beach And Shore Fishing Terminal Gear


The terminal gear and tackle will vary depending on the specific type of beach or shore fishing, but typically it will involve some form of weighted lure.

Beach And Shore Fishing Line

Beach and shore fishing typically uses traditional, monofilament line but braided line can also be used where rocks are likely to be encountered underwater. Line will tend to be lighter than for deep-water tidal fishing, since fish living near shore will tend to be smaller.

Beach And Shore Fishing Rod

A wide variety of fishing rods are used in beach and shore fishing, depending on the species and location.

Beach And Shore Fishing Reel

Spinning, baitcasting and fly fishing reels are typically used, depending on the species and location.



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