Other Types of Fishing

Other Types of Fishing

Angling with a fishing rod is, by far, the most popular type of fishing in British Columbia. But it isn’t the only kind. Many people look for an additional challenge by trying something new and different:
  • Hand Fishing is the oldest type of fishing there is. You simply reach into the water and pull out a fish with your bare hands. Hand fishing can be incredibly challenging and incredibly rewarding. But it can also be so easy that even a child can do it – digging up a Clam or picking a Mussel from a rock are two basic forms of hand fishing. But remember: collecting any species counts as fishing, and requires the proper licence.
  • Spearfishing is another ancient form of fishing. Although currently rare in British Columbia, divers occasionally go spearfishing for Lingcod and other species as permitted. Net fishing can be as simple as scooping Minnow or Smelt in a hand net, or can involve larger nets that are cast in the water.
  • Netting is an easy way for children to begin fishing, but as always make sure proper licencing and regulations are followed.




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