Hakai Pass: “Hawaii Pass”

Say “Aloha” to Hakai Pass. Nicknamed “Hawaii Pass,” Hakai Pass is home to hundreds of small islands and remote, white sand beaches where the only tracks you’ll find have been left by wolves and other local wildlife. The area is also home to huge Chinook and Coho Salmon plus many species of Bottom fish. The varied coastline and sea beds here provide unique and challenging fishing for anglers of all stripes.

Remote and unexplored. Visit the most rugged and inaccessible area on the coast of B.C. The many small islands here protect the waters of the Inside Passage and are home to the rare Kermode Bear (Spirit Bear), Grizzly and Black Bears. Angling opportunities are consistently good here, as many species of Salmon pass through here on their return to rivers as far away as Sacramento, California.

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