Harrison River: Coastal Cutthroat

Float – and fish – alongside long log booms as they snake their way slowly down the Harrison River, near where it meets the mighty Fraser. Enjoy a great day on the water or casting from shore, surrounded by low mountains and plentiful Cutthroat Trout eager to take a fly or lure as they push up the river during fall and winter.

Catch a big one. A really, really big one. The largest sport caught White Sturgeon on record was caught in the Fraser River in 2012, weighing approximately 500 lbs and measuring over 12 feet! And while you may not make history yourself, a fishing trip on the Mighty Fraser will at least give you the opportunity. Anglers come from all around the world for the famous, White Sturgeon here and many guided charter companies specialize in seeking out – and finding – these giant creatures.

All Sturgeon fishing in the Fraser is catch-and-release only. And while you can fish for Sturgeon in the tidal waters south of the Mission Bridge, most anglers fish north of the bridge, which requires a Freshwater licence.

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