Cates Park: Pink Salmon and Picnics

Lay out a line, spread out a picnic blanket, or do both. Cates Park is a popular city park and beach just a short drive or bus ride from Downtown Vancouver. A great location for kids and families to cast for Pink and an occasional Coho Salmon during the fall as these fish hug the shoreline and make their way up local rivers to spawn.

Wave hello to our American friends! Bisected by the Canada-US border, Boundary Bay is a great place to drop crab traps in the morning then head out to fish for Sockeye all day long. Every year, millions of Sockeye return home to the Fraser River and for a short time in the summer they can be caught congregating here in large schools as they return from the ocean and prepare for the long trip upriver to their spawning grounds.

Gone Fishin. Fish for an hour, or for the whole day. Stay close to the city, and cast from the shore right within the Georgia Strait Basin, as Pink Salmon make their return to our local rivers on their way to their spawning grounds. Eating voraciously in preparation for spawning, Pinks will readily take a wide variety of flies and lures.

World-class fishing. In one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Choose from a number of guided fishing charters for a day of Salmon fishing in view of Vancouver’s skyline. Leaving from the popular tourist destination of Granville Island, your charter can take you fishing and sightseeing along Vancouver’s shoreline, and also drop a trap for you to catch some delicious, Dungeness Crab!

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