Nootka Marine Adventures

Journey to the far reaches of remote yet historical north west Vancouver Island. Quatsino Sound is a large collection of inlets, bays and islands on the west side and near Vancouver Island’s northern tip. Make your base in the small village of Winter Harbour, famous for its fishing charters, and head out on the water for some of the best Halibut fishing on the coast. The famed Salmon Highway lies further offshore, and later in the season you can head out even further in search of Tuna. Closer to shore, Coho and Chinook are plentiful.

Far flung adventure. Just offshore, at the northernmost tip of Vancouver Island, are the Five Scott islands. Currently under review to be designated a National Marine Reserve, the Scott Islands are home to an awe-inspiring abundance of bird life. More than two million seabirds make their home here, due in large part to the equally impressive abundance of sea life. The Scott Islands provide some of the most unique scenery on the coast.  For those who venture out to the islands, amongst the best bird watching in all of Canada awaits.

Sometimes a few hours of fishing are all you need. Port Hardy, a small town in the northern part of Vancouver Island, is a perfect base to make your base for a casual fishing trip. Hop in a boat and there’s great fishing just five minutes from the dock. Or, power out a little further and explore the wild and remote coast of the northern end of Vancouver Island or the southern reaches of the Central Coast. Then, it’s back to town for lunch or dinner and relaxing at your hotel.

Go island hopping. East from Port Hardy, across Johnstone Strait, is B.C.’s largest marine park consisting of dozens of small islands and islets with white beaches, magnificent views and more. The tidal action here produces excellent fishing for Chinook, Coho and Pink Salmon. Your only company here is likely to be Humpbacks, Orcas and possibly a kayaker or two.

Think Pink. The Eve River Estuary, lying north of Campbell River on the way to Port Hardy, is becoming a well-known spot tofish for Pink Salmon from shore and estuary. A little challenging to find but worth it.  If your timing is right it’s a very productive and scenic fishery.  A worthwhile little side-trip for experienced anglers.

Catch some Salmon, and catch sight of some Orcas. You won’t be the only one fishing for Salmon, around here. Robson Bight is world famous as a sanctuary for Orcas (Killer Whales), whose primary diet is comprised of the same fish you’ll be trying to catch in the nearby waters of Johnstone Strait. This area provides you with a unique opportunity to fish for Salmon, and get up very, very close to the coast’s largest and most intelligent predatory marine mammals. More than 100 Orcas live here during the summer months, and can be seen hunting, rubbing themselves on rocks and just hanging out.

All work, and all play. Fish for Salmon where it’s a way of life. Port Hardy is a small, rustic fishing village near the northern tip of Vancouver Island. Untouched by the crowds, and largely untouched by civilization, Port Hardy is the perfect place to fish alongside British Columbians who do it for a living, every day.  All species of Salmon pass here on their way to hundreds of streams and rivers along the inside coast of B.C. and into Washington State.

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