Nootka Marine Adventures

The true West Coast. It takes a while to get here, but the very remote northwest portion of Vancouver Island provides unrivalled scenery and fishing to match. Salmon, Halibut, Tuna and Bottom fish are plentiful, and heading further offshore brings you to the “salmon highway” where you might also have an opportunity to land a Tuna.

Just here for the fishing. The west coast of Vancouver Island is famous for the resort (and surfing) town of Tofino. But for a change of pace, and to avoid the crowds, book a trip to a fishing lodge, a do-it-yourself cabin or one of a few small motels near the small town of Bamfield.

Stretch your legs. One of the world’s most famous backpacking routes, the West Coast Trail is a 75 km (46 mile) hiking trail running along the southwestern edge of Vancouver Island. Originally constructed to provide a safe route back to civilization for shipwrecked sailors, it now attracts adventurers and nature lovers from all corners of the globe. Fishing near the shore, in view of sandstone cliffs, waterfalls and huge sea lions, provides anglers with good opportunities to catch Salmon, Halibut and Bottom fish.

Something old. Something new. Visit a part of B.C. that few visitors ever get a chance to see. Kyuquot Sound has a rich history, and is home to great fishing opportunities including close proximity to the “Salmon Highway” where huge runs of all species can be found. Spend a day (or more) on the water fishing for Salmon, Halibut, Bottom fish and if conditions are right venture offshore in search of huge Tuna.

Surrounded by mountains. Surrounded by Salmon. Experience calm waters and exciting fishing, in view of some of the world’s most beautiful scenery. Port Alberni is in a direct path of many Salmon as they return to their spawning rivers, and catching more than a dozen in a day is a common occurrence. Fish for Chinook, Sockeye and Coho while your Prawn traps soak and await your return.

The definitive west coast experience. Fish for Salmon on the westernmost coast of Canada from the picturesque resort village of Tofino, and from nearby Ucluelet, a salt-sprayed, working fishing village. Go to where the big fish are on guided charters that can take you from calm waters, protected by small islands, out into the open Pacific.

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