Squamish: Coho and Chum

Soar with the eagles. Or fish with them, at least. The Squamish Valley is famous for the large numbers of bald eagles who call the area home, and who feed on plentiful Coho and Chum found in the Squamish and Mamquam Rivers into the fall.

Love the water? Then you’ll love Powell River. Located on the idyllic Sunshine Coast, the town of Powell River offers great fishing along with kayaking, scuba diving and more. Hop in a boat and start fishing for Chinook and prawns right from the dock in front of town, and all the way up the Strait of Georgia and into Desolation Sound.

Lots to choose from. With more than 200 islands off the coast of mainland BC, there are thousands of great spots to explore and drop a line. The southern end of Denman and Hornby Islands, two of the larger ones, are particularly good for Salmon and Ling Cod depending on season and spots near Flora Island and Lambert Channel are excellent spots to drop a prawn trap.

Wave hello to our American friends! Bisected by the Canada-US border, Boundary Bay is a great place to drop crab traps in the morning then head out to fish for Sockeye all day long. Every year, millions of Sockeye return home to the Fraser River and for a short time in the summer they can be caught congregating here in large schools as they return from the ocean and prepare for the long trip upriver to their spawning grounds.

Perfect beaches, perfect fishing. This large stretch of island coast along the eastern side of Vancouver Island features beaches that go out up to a quarter mile at low tide, making it an excellent place to play with kids and go clamming and oyster picking. The weather is relatively mild here, and the area also features many runs of Pink and Coho Salmon that you can catch right from shore.

Explore a British Columbia that few people have seen. Surround yourself with majestic scenery, abundant wildlife and plenty of fishing opportunities. To the east of Campbell River and just north of Desolation Sound you’ll find a large network of tidal channels and inlets home to both resident and migrating Salmon. Go mooching in deep inlets or find a spot in a tidal rip to catch a passing Chinook, and don’t forget to drop a Prawn trap on the way.

Get your hands dirty. Enjoy sightseeing, beachcombing and easy clamming on pretty, sheltered beaches less than an hour from Nanaimo. Easy access to the area and plentiful clams make this a trip suitable for the whole family, including younger children. Plastic shovels and pails optional!

Roll up your sleeves. And your pant legs. The waters between Victoria and Port Renfrew, along the southern coast of Vancouver Island, are perfect for sightseeing, pleasure boating and crabbing. So put down the fishing rod, and drop a Crab trap or two instead. After a few hours of sightseeing and wildlife viewing, your traps should be filled to the brim with the area’s tasty Dungeness Crabs.

Surrounded by mountains. Surrounded by Salmon. Experience calm waters and exciting fishing, in view of some of the world’s most beautiful scenery. Port Alberni is in a direct path of many Salmon as they return to their spawning rivers, and catching more than a dozen in a day is a common occurrence. Fish for Chinook, Sockeye and Coho while your Prawn traps soak and await your return.

Be a modern day pioneer. In this neck of the woods, directly south of Prince Rupert, it’s just you and the Salmon. Although, if you’re lucky, you may also catch a glimpse of the rare and elusive Kermode Bear (Spirit Bear): the wildest place in B.C. is home to a white black bear, as well as plentiful runs of Coho and other Salmon, and giant Chinook headed for the Skeena River. Halibut also await on the open ocean.

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