White jaw and very large pupil.

Silver coloured, sometimes with light grid pattern during spawning.

Slightly forked tail with silver streaks and a narrow base.

Also known as Dog Salmon, Chum is the second largest species of Pacific Salmon and is plentiful in B.C. waters.


60 cm (20 inches)+


4.5 to 13 kg (10 to 30 lbs)+


Widest range of all Salmon, found in ocean and rivers across the north Pacific and even into the Arctic Ocean. In B.C., they are widespread and can be caught in both tidal and freshwater.


Peak run October and November. Spinning, drift and fly-fishing are popular.


Milder and drier than other salmon. Poaching and steaming to increase moisture is popular.


All retained Chum must measure 30 cm+

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