Both eyes on one side of body.

Flat, diamond shaped body. Dark brown on top, with white underbelly.

Halibut is the largest flatfish and is highly prized as a food source.


Varies greatly. Ctaches range from 50 cm (16 inches) up to 250 cm (100 inches)+


Varies greatly. 5 kg (12 lbs) up to 180 kg (400 lbs)+


North Pacific and North Atlantic. In B.C., larger Halibut are found in offshore waters, especially north and west of Vancouver Island, Central Coast and Haida Gwaii. Smaller catches can be found closer to shore, including Georgia Strait.


Peak season May to September. Offshore fishing requires specialized boating skills. Specialized gear required for larger catches.


Dense and light-flavoured with low fat. Broiled, grilled or marinated with sauces or seasonings are popular.


Maximum allowable length is 133 cm (53 inches). Possession limit is 2, only one of which may be greater than 90 cm (36 inches). Other restrictions apply.


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