Pink Salmon

Black gums with white mouth.

Bright silver body, with small scales and spotted back.

V-shaped tail with oval spots. The only salmon with no silver in tail.

Also known as Humpy due to the prominent humps they develop on their backs during spawning, Pink are the smallest and most common salmon on the B.C. coast.


50 cm (20 inches)+


2 to 3 kg (4 ½ to 6 ½ lbs)


Ocean and Rivers across the Northern Pacific including North America and Asia. In B.C., they are widespread and can be caught in both tidal and freshwater.


Peak run August to September. Lighter rods and tackle are popular for increased fight. Pink lures are popular.


Mild and delicate with low fat content. Poaching, steaming and smoking are popular. Less commonly prized as a food source.


All retained Pinks must measure 30 cm+ (12 inches)


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