Pink gums and mouth. Large, glassy eyes.

Slim-bodied, silver/blue in colour.

Slightly forked tail, without spots

Also known as Red, this relatively small fish plays a big role in B.C.’s economy and ecosystem.


60 to 80 cm (24 to 32 inches)+


2.5 to 7 kg (6 to 18 lbs)+


Ocean, rivers and lakes across the North Pacific. In B.C., they are widespread and can be caught in both tidal and freshwater. Very prevalent in Fraser River during spawning season.


Peak run July to Sept. Red lures, flashers and trolling is popular.


Full-flavoured, with firm flesh, Sockeye is one of the most highly prized and sought-after of salmon. Grilling and eating raw (sushi) is popular.


Retained Sockeye must measure 30 cm+ (12 inches)

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