Long, tubular head/body with large eyes and multiple tentacles.

Prominent fins near the tip of the “head.”

Purple to red/brown.

Ranging from the relatively small Opal to the large Humboldt, which can grow to over 45 kg (100 lbs) and lives is large shoals, squid are most often caught accidentally, while fishing for other species.


10 to 200 cm (4 to 80 inches) depending on species




Found worldwide. In B.C., the smaller Opal and Neon Squid can be found closer to shore. The larger Humboldt is typically found in deeper, offshore waters. All species are widespread and can be found year ‘round, but specific locations are hard to predict.


Anglers can go “squidding” with rod, reel and squid jigs.


Firm and chewy. Squid should be cleaned immediately and put on ice to prevent deterioration of the meat, which causes bad taste. Sautéing is popular.


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