No teeth in throat at back of tongue.

Slim body. Olive to silver colour. Heavy speckling on upper back.

Squared tail with uniform spotting.

The debate continues over whether Steelhead are a species of Salmon or Trout. Regardless of the debate, fly fishing for them is considered one of sport fishing’s greatest challenges.


68 to 75 cm (27 to 30 inches)+


2.5 to 3.5 kg (8 to 10 lbs)


Ocean, rivers and streams from California to Alaska. In B.C., they are found in many locations along the entire coast.


Peak season is winter, but summer is also popular. Traditionally caught by float fishing, but fly-fishing is preferred by experts.


Grilling and broiling are popular.


In addition to your Freshwater Fishing Licence, a Steelhead conservation stamp must be purchased and other conditions will apply.


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